Workshops & Keynote Speaking

All my advisory work and training is bespoke and is adapted to the individual firm or company’s specific needs, requirements and importantly its culture.

Typically my services are called upon to assist in the integration process following a cross border acquisition, where there may be a communication disconnect between the parent and newly acquired subsidiary. I work with joint ventures and I am also regularly called upon to as part of the induction process for new hires joining a group, the national culture of which is unfamiliar to their previous work life experience.

Training sessions can be in groups or on a one to one basis.

The duration of courses range from half a day to a full day although sessions lasting just a couple of hours can also be of value particularly with individuals or very small groups.

Courses are designed for executives, associates, managers, board members and partners either separately or together.

Sessions are interactive and informal with the maximum amount of participation from attendees; in the half or full day sessions, I use role-play, workshops and breakout groups to encourage both participation and teamwork amongst participants.

Courses and Workshops
Typically workshops and training sessions will include topics such as: -

  • the relevance of Cultural Awareness or Cultural Intelligence (CQ) to client service and relationship building
  • its application for multinationals,  for multi-office organisations or in professional service firms with an international client base
  • the impact on internal communication and on client service  through mismanaging cultural differences
  • theory of culture with examples of US, UK, France and other countries
  • practical examples of the danger of assuming cultural similarity
  • how to be deal and dispense with stereotypical prejudices
  • time management differences between cultures 
  • common soft issues such as common pitfalls in email communication, managing client relationships, respect for deadlines and effective instruction giving
  • handling meetings and cross border negotiations
  • check lists of practical tips and best practice tools for the cross culturally aware executive
  • specific  social, commercial, accounting and legal issues which may impact on cross cultural business

Conferences and Company Retreats
Acting as a Keynote Speaker and/or Moderator at corporate “away days” or retreats.
In the past this has also included running group workshops for senior executives and chairing and moderating at industry focused strategic meetings.