My consultancy work focuses on CROSS CULTURAL skills training, a subject which has been a passion of mine for many years.

My bi-cultural education and my years of interacting both socially and professionally in an international environment together with ongoing research in the field of Cultural Intelligence have armed me with the experience and intellectual curiosity to help others overcome cultural obstacles in business.

My clients are multinational corporations and professionals firms in the UK, the US, Austria, France, Poland, Lithuania, Belgium, Germany, Greece and Switzerland. Throughout my professional career I have always worked in an international environment and have been a law firm Partner since 1980. As a lawyer, I have spent over 30 years advising and negotiating on behalf of international clients. My view has always been that technical excellence needs to be combined in all business dealings with the role of a "cultural guide", steering both client and colleague through the pecularities relevant to each country and its culture.

My cross-cultural work focuses on businesses operating in an international environment.  I believe that Cultural Awareness and Cultural Intelligence are skills that are too often underestimated and that despite increasing globalisation, cultural misunderstanding remains an important impediment to successful business relationships.

I see my role as helping businesses to bridgebuild across national boundaries through understanding and appreciating cultural diffeences and learning to work with , not against, them.

I work with senior management so as to understand fully the corporate culture and specific needs of my clients. I am a Senior Guest Lecturer at the European Business School, ESCP Europe.

My advice and the training and mentoring I undertake is always bespoke. My style of working is both informal and interactive. In all my work, my objective is to share my own experience, to teach best practice and above all to inspire. My aim is to help provide the intellectual software to enable teams to create higher levels of business efficacy.